Melikashen Melik's Palace

Melik Palace situated in the village of Melikashen, which is located 10 km east of the Yerevan-Stepanakert highway.

Kashatagh is the largest province of the Artsakh Republic. From the perspective of tourism attractiveness, it is undoubtedly of great interest. There are more than three dozen monasteries, churches, and monuments of medieval civil architecture.

One of the fascinating and worth visiting sites is in the village of Melikashen, which is located 10 km east of the Yerevan-Stepanakert highway. This place is the Melik Palace or Melikatun. Although there is a lack of written historical evidence, the very name of the village, Melikashen, indicates that there were Melik (royal) headquarters and residence.

The Melik Palace and the estate are another monument of civil architecture of the XIV-XV centuries. According to historical evidence, the main headquarters of the Melik Haykazyan was founded and located here, in particular, Melik Haykazyan the First, ruler of the principalities of Agachech-Kashatag (1450-1520). The palace was constructed on the slope of an artificially fortified hill, on a terrace formed by an enormous retaining wall. The entire complex of buildings is located inside the rectangular territory of the courtyard. The complex consists of three large premises (rooms) with flat ceilings, an arched gallery, and a vaulted building with two spans. Melik's living areas were located on the ground floor, on the second floor there was an open gallery with arched vaults, supposedly the summer reception-throne room of MelikHaykaz. The architectural solution of the buildings is compositionally based on a comparison of the different floors of the building and the techniques of medieval castle construction. This complex, in a series of similar ones, is the earliest and most complete one.

Currently, the complex has been restored, the gates and fence walls have been renewed, the territory has been landscaped and planted. Here you can also find a comfortable and cozy guesthouse. We hope that enthusiasts of antiquity will be interested in visiting Melikatun. If you add gastronomic impressions to purely aesthetic impressions, then this is exactly the place where they blend. And, of course, beautiful nature will bring an extra colorful nuance to your trip.

Welcome to Melikashen!