Nikol Duman house museum and ethnographic district

House-Museum, located on the road Stepanakert-Gandzasar, from the first days of its existence has become a place of pilgrimage for tourists visiting Artsakh And not just because one can see meticulously restored...

Nikol- DumanHouse-Museum and ethnographic district, located in Tsakhkashat village (22 kilometers past Stepanakert), on the northern tourist route Stepanakert-Gandzasar. From the first days of its existence has become a very popular destination for tourists visiting Artsakh, because main task of the organizers of the memorial museum was a complete and accurate reconstruction of the Artsakhian family’s everyday life of the late 19th century. 

Artsakh has prominent leaders to be proud of and one of them is Nikol Duman (NikoghayosTer-Hovhannisyan), born on January 12, 1867 in the village of Tsaghkashat. He was a member of the Armenian national liberation movement and the Armenian Revolutionary Federation. He graduated from the Regional School of Shushi in 1887 and pursued his career by becoming a teacher at several Armenian schools in the Southern Caucasus.

Nikol Duman was an exceptional leader, who is still a role-model for many. Many books, articles, songs and poems have been written about him.

His legacy had such an impact that in 2004, the year of the 90th anniversary of the death of a prominent figure in the national liberation movement, there was established Nikol Duman House-Museum in his native village Tsaghkashat. The exact date of the beginning of the construction of the house, which is not known, but according to the inscription on the second floor of the building, the house was built in 1912 by parents the leader. Memorial Museum consists of four branches - the hall of NikolDuman, the traditional living room of the 19th century, utility room, courtyard buildings. The museum is constantly updated with new gifts and artifacts discovered in the village.

The House-Museum is also remarkable for being a single one in Artsakh, maybe even a single one in all Armenia, built on social means and opened for public. Each year many people visit his birthplace to feel the atmosphere that surrounded this exceptional person, the nature that gave him strength to fight against the enemy.

This place is very popular not just because of restored Artsakh village life in the 19th century, but also of the opportunity to be acquainted with the main stages of activity of Nikol Duman. The village is also popular for winemaking, cattle breeding and wheat farming. Besides, note that there is B&B opportunities available, stay here for a night, organize traditional picnic and try the popular local drink.