Thermal springs

Turning off the main road to the south at a distance of 22 kilometers, the village of Zouar is located, where there is a natural landmark - the so-called source of "Hot Water".

Have you ever tried spending relaxing time in a hot, open-air natural “pool”? You have this appealing chance if you come to Artsakh. Here is how: by turning off the main road to the south at a distance of 22 kilometers, you will find the village of Zouar. There you will discover the natural landmark - the so-called source of "Hot Water", "Hot Spring", a natural Jacuzzi, about 2.5 meters in diameter and one meter depth. It is literally hot around the year. The water temperature is so comfortable in the "Jacuzzi", that even in the cold weather you can take a bath without the risk to catch cold.

This naturally warm water spring that flows from the underground is considered to be one of the most visited travel destinations in Artsakh. This tourist site provides some services, offers pavilions, guest house, parking, etc. You can spend amazing time here.

This natural “Jacuzzi” is made from the limestone sedimentation. From the center of this hot spring erupts hot mineral water, the temperature of which can reach up to 60 °Cregardless of the season.

The road to the “taqjur” is harsh and leads through a narrow tunnel but an impressive gorge and other great areas. Once you get to the hot springs, everything there is rewarding! You can take a hot bath then cool off in the mineral pool next to it. After this extreme yet relaxing experience, the drive back is more settled. If you are adventurous this is a place for you to trek.

The surrounding scenery while you take the hot bath is too comforting. This is like a finish point where you reach to the top and enjoy the results of your efforts.