Fishing in Artsakh

Fishing in Artsakh

If you like fishing, then Artsakh will fulfill your wildest expectations. Here you will find magical nature, excellent catch, delicious khorovats, and unique attractions!

Wooded mountains shrouded in fog, frosty morning freshness, fantastic silence of nature - this is how fishing begins in Artsakh. Artsakh is rich with mountain rivers and lakes. More than ten species of various fish, including trout, catfish, and sturgeon, live in the Artsakh rivers. The most popular reservoirs for fishing here are the Sarsang reservoir, the Araks and Karkar rivers. The Sarsang reservoir is located on the Tartar River in the Martakert region and is the largest reservoir in size in Artsakh. The Araks River Valley, which is the largest right tributary of the Kur River, is located in the Hadrut region of Artsakh, and 76% of the territory of Armenia belongs to the Araks basin.

The fishing season in Artsakh opens from the beginning of March and endures until the end of October. You can go fishing on your own, as well as contact tour operators who will help you to organize fishing and share with useful information about it.

If you arrived in Artsakh without fishing gear, you can buy them in specialized stores in Stepanakert, located on Tumanyan Street or on Azatamartikneri avenue.

After a successful fishing, you can organize a barbecue in nature and prepare a real Armenian khorovats from fresh-caught fish, and then visit exciting places and attractions of the districts, such as Gandzasar Monastery (X century), Kachaghakaberd Fortress (VIII century) or monumental medieval bridges laid across the river Araks.

Want to dive into this atmosphere? Artsakh is looking forward to you.