Flights above Artsakh

Above the mountains, can only be flying over them

The beauty that you are going to catch in Artsakh from the birds-eye view is thrilling and stunning. Every year, at the airport of the capital Stepanakert, ArtsakhAirfest annual festival takes place accompanied by an amazing air show.

To participate in this outstanding event, you have to register in advance. Note that the places and tickets are limited. Participants of the event have the opportunity to make tours by two-seat plane (20,000 AMD/10 min), paragliding (20,000 AMD/10 min) and balloon (7000 AMD/5 min).  People gather here every year from different parts of the world, especially those who love extreme, adventurous events and tourism. The festival is accompanied by concerts of famous rock bands and musical performances of DJs.

Don’t be upset if you can’t visit the festival, the flights on two-seat airplanes are carried out throughout the whole year in the direction to Shoushi, Gandzasar and Tigranakert. (20,000 AMD/20 min).

This is truly a life-changing experience during which you will explore Artsakh from above, gaze at the breathtaking landscape, the picture-perfect nature and more.

By taking paragliding or balloon tours, you will literally smell the Artsakhian air. Those, who have been in Artsakh or in Armenia before, can definitely say that the air and water feels so pleasant and clean here. The mountainous terrain gives us the privilege of having pure air.  If you are fond of eco-tourism you will love the green scenery that you will witness from the heights. Participants also say that the sky is magical too.

Make sure to take part in ArtsakhAirfest at least once in your life. The amount of enthusiasm, adrenaline and admiration you receive will be tremendous. Experience life the Artsakhian way!