Hiking in Artsakh

Hiking in Artsakh

One of the most widespread kinds of outdoor activities in Artsakh is hiking. Most of all, Artsakh is a country of fortresses, and ancient monasteries, which can often be reached only by hiking trails, through alpine meadows, climbing high peaks, and passing through waterfalls sparkling from the sun.

In Artsakh, there is a hiking trail “Janapar Trail,” which is divided into one-day sections and passes through cities and villages. The hiking trail can be recognized by the blue - yellow sign.

The route begins in the south of Hadrut. It stretches through the settlements of Togh, Azokh, Karmir-Shuka, Avetaranots, Karin to the city of Shushi, and further to the city of Stepanakert. Traveling takes about a week. What is interesting, almost every year new unexplored paths.


The Janapar route includes attractions, one of which is the Hunot Canyon. It locates at a depth of 300 m inside the cliff, Hunot stores clean springs, historical sites, cliffs and real masterpieces of nature, including the famous Umbrella Falls. The trail is marked with distinctive signs that will help you navigate the area. The northern route of the Janapar Trail starts from Stepanakert and passes through the settlements of Patara, Kolatak, Gandzasar, Vaghahas, Dadivank, Zuar, Karvachar, Tsar and ends in the city of Vardenis, Armenia. The ViewRanger app, which comprises all sections of the route from Hadrut to Vardenis, will help you along this route. It is recommended to use GPS with busy roads and topographic maps posted on the Janapar Trail website. There is also a hot line of the Artsakh information center “Tourist Friend” to help tourists.

Each region of Artsakh is rich with fascinating sights, so during the campaign, you will not get bored. Here you will find ancient and unique architectural monuments and feel the charm of pristine nature.

Credits: Pavel Svoboda, Alexey Yakovlev, Armenian Geograghic