Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking

Breathe in the fresh air of nature in the purest mountains of Artsakh. The percentage of how amazing your adventure is going to be is simply indescribable. 

During mountain biking you’ll find that for every leg-burning, lung-crushing hill you climb, you’re rewarded with the oh-so-sweet feeling you’ve been craving for. 

You can ride on steep slopes, go through water barriers and green plains, reach the top of the mountains and "touch the sky." What does make this experience spectacular is the quality of air, landscape, surroundings that leaves such a liberating impact on the person. 

Going on a bicycle tour around Artsakh, you should not be afraid of water shortage, nature itself will treat you with rocky clean water, and in the summer you can cool in the lakes, relax on the green meadows under the sparkling rays of the sun. 

It is so therapeutic! Those who take up mountain biking have an effective and positive outlet to turn to when needing to blow off some steam. Your problems may not have changed, but your outlook on them certainly will. Mountain biking will definitely make you feel alive. It is said that a 20-minute dose of fresh air promotes a sense of vitality and rejuvenation. So imagine what a 2-hour ride will do to your body and spirit. 

Another great thing about mountain biking in Artsakh is that on the way you will meet people from nearby villages, where you can stop at will. Here comes another chapter of adventure. As Artsakhian people are quite hospitable, you will be offered delicious food and home-made drinks. Meaning delicious food Armenians quite offer refer to freshly done Khorovats (barbecue) on the fresh air. If you are vegan, no worries, you can try barbecued vegetables like peppers, eggplants, tomatoes, and potatoes. If you take biking in summer, a slice of watermelon cooled in the river is something you can definitely taste as a dessert. 

Let us note, that there is a professional group of bikers who constantly organize biking tours; 3 hours uphill, a truly remarkable opportunity for extreme lovers. There are also cycling marathons that you can take part in and enjoy thrilling challenge of riding through nature.

Whatever your biking adventures can take you, make sure to visit Artsakh at least once. The feelings, memories and impact you are going to have will be worth your time.