Artsakh State Museum History and Local Lore 

Artsakh State Museum History and Local Lore is the only place fully presenting historical facts of Artsakh history from ancient times to the present day. Since the inception in 1939, despite the anti-Armenian policy of the Soviet Azerbaijan, and then in the heat of imposed war in Nagorno-Karabakh, the museum was able to collect and preserve the spiritual and material values of the nation. Artsakh State Museum of History and Local Lore, in the storerooms and directly on the exhibition, brought together more than 50 thousand historical and cultural artifacts. Artifacts and information reflected in them is witnessing our historical roots. An Antiquarian Book Shop is also presented in the territory of the museum, where you can also buy booklets, books and photo albums of Karabakh. The museum is open daily from 9:00 to 17:00, closing on Sunday. Admission is free. Visitors at will can buy a museum-tour for a small fee. 

Address: Stepanakert, Sasuntsi David str., 4
Tel: (+374 47) 94 10 42



The Memorial Museum of the missing Аzatamartiks

The Memorial Museum of the missing Аzatamartiks was created in 2004. It includes several departments and more than 10 thousand exhibits, placed in a large exhibition hall. There a special archive department of missing soldiers and hostages is also established, captured during the Artsakh movement and war, with personal files and information aimed to clarify their fortunes. 

Address: Stepanaket, V.Sargsyan str., 25
Tel: (+374 47) 94 14 97


Museum of memory of the fallen Аzatamartiks

Museum of memory of the fallen Аzatamartiks (soldiers). This unique museum was established in 2002 by public organization "Union of relatives of perished azatamartiks". The maps and layouts illustrate the Armenian liberation movement, the heroic exploits of the defenders of the motherland - the fedayeens in the Karabakh war. Thousands of photos of perished freedom fighters, documents punched by bullets, letters sent to the families and loved ones, arms and uniform, field telephones, radios used during Artsakh war, cover the walls of the museum.

Address: Stepanakert V.Sargsyan str., 1
Tel: (+374 47) 95 07 38


Museum of Fine Arts of Stepanakert

Museum of fine Arts of Stepanakert acts from 1982. The exhibition features more than 370 paintings and sculptures. There the works of famous artists and beginners are often exhibited. Admission is free. 
Address: Stepanakert, Sasuntsi David str., 6
Tel: (+374 97) 24 00 50


Historical museum of the city of Shoushi

Located in a charming manor of the mid-19th century, the historical museum of the city of Shoushi has a large collection of artifacts relating to Shoushi and the surrounding area. The exhibited materials illustrate the history of the city since its founding to the present day. A separate room is dedicated to the military operations for the liberation of Shoushi on May 8, 1992. The museum's collection is constantly updated with new exhibits. 

Address: Shoushi, Mesrop Mashtots str., 17
Tel: (+374 47) 73 19 48


State Geological Museum

State Museum of Geology after Grigory Gabrielyants, acting from May, 2014, was officially opened on September 1, 2014. It exhibits the interesting geological samples collected from all over Artsakh, in particular, ore and other minerals, the oldest of which is 146 million years old. The museum also presents a variety of geological samples collected from around the world, the oldest of which is 1 billion 200 million years old. The museum's collection is about 400 samples from 48 countries and from 20 regions of Russia and mainly belongs to the private collection of G.A Gabrielyants. 

Address: Shoushi, Pushkin str., 32
Tel: (+374 47) 73 35 72; (+374 97) 26 77 55



Museum of Fine Arts

Museum of Fine Arts was established in 2013. The museum's collection consists exclusively of donations. The museum building was constructed for public funds, on the foundations of the former palace of Shoushi, while preserving its architectural features. The museum presents the masterpieces of M. Saryan, P. P.Kuznetsov, Minas N. Nikoghosyan, D.Vilinsky, A.Safokhin, Gayane Tbilisian, Yuri Grigoryan, A. Akopyan, A. Galetsin and others.Landscapes of Karabakh artists occupy a special place in the presented collection. 

Address: Shoushi, Ghazanchetsots str.
Tel: (+374 47) 73 14 10; (+374 97) 22 78 79
E-mail: anushmkrtchyan1991@gmail.comctetur sagittis ante vel vestibulum.


Museum Of Money

The Money Museum exhibits a wide collection of Armenian coins: beginning from the ancient Armenian coins dated III century BC till circulation and collector coins of the present days. Visitors of the Money Museum can also get acquainted with the banknotes of the first Republic of Armenia and the Soviet Socialist Republic of Armenia, as well as with the modern Armenian banknotes.

Address: Shoushi, Ghazanchetsots str. 24/1
Tel:(+374 47) 73 19 60


Museum of Artsakh Carpets

The museum collection comprises over 250 carpets and rugs, woven during the period from the end of the 17th century to the beginning of the 19th century, which represent the peculiarities of the art of carpet weaving in Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh).

Address: Shoushi, Ghazanchetsots str., 58.
Tel: (+374 97) 38 70 57; (+374 97) 27 44 77


Nikol Duman House-Museum and Ethnographic District

Ethnographic quarter at the Nikol Duman House-Museum is the only restored on the entire territory of Artsakh. The main task of the organisers of the memorial museum was a complete and accurate reconstruction of the Artsakhian family’s everyday life of the late 19th century. 
The visitors of the museum, breaking away from the modernity, totally immerse into the world and everyday life of Artsakhians of that time. The organic continuation of the Nikol Duman House-Museum is the ethnographic quarter – streets and a number of residential houses of the 19th century restored with great care. At the end of the ethnographic quarter, the house of another hero of the Armenian nation’s national liberation movement Hanasori Vardan was also found by researchers, which was restored in 2007.

Address:Tsaghkashat village, Askeran region
Tel:(+374 97) 20 63 67 


National Archaeological Museum

National Archaeological Museum of Kashatagh exhibits ancient artifacts discovered during archaeological excavations in Kashatagh region after 1995. A large number of factual information illuminates the history of the culture of this region of Artsakh, situated in the valley of the river Araks and Hakkari. Of special interest are findings obtained during excavations of burial mounds of Keren, including the objects of material culture of 9-5 centuries BC.  

Address: Berdzor, the 3-rd section, the house 43
Tel: (+ 374 47) 75 22 59