Off-road tours in Artsakh

Off-road tours in Artsakh is a healthy dose of adrenaline and enthusiasm.

Artsakh offers a wide range of varieties of recreation for lovers of active and extreme tourism, and one of them is off-road tours.

Off-road tours in Artsakh are a guaranteed dose of adrenaline, and vivid impressions. You will have a real opportunity to drive along the course of mountain rivers, conquer steep slopes and reach cloudy heights, from where you will have astonishingly picturesque views.

Such tours are carried out by experienced drivers who have many years of practice. In case you would like to get to your destination by yourself, you can also rent a car; nevertheless, it is much better to be guided by professionals. The period from May to October is usually considered to be the most favorable period for jeep tours.

As part of the tourist routes on off-road vehicles, you can visit the republic's attractions, spend the night in guest houses/hotels, swim in the rivers and hot springs, taste the unique dishes and drinks of each region and organize an outdoor picnic. The duration of the tour can vary from a couple of days to a week, depending on your destination.

Spending the night in a hotel or a tent can be agreed individually with the organizers of the tours.

Off-road tours are developed in all parts of Artsakh, but Karvachar, Kashatag, and Martakert are regarded as the most popular ones. The most popular routes; Karvachar hot springs, Yerits Mankants Monasteries, Yeghishe Arakyal, Gtchavank, dense Kashatagh forests with their hidden natural treasures. To capture all the beauties of the region on off-road vehicles, it is worth starting the path from the hot springs in the Karvachar mountains, driving to the Dadivank Monastery, Yeghishe Arakyal and Yerits Mankants on the way, spending the night in nearby villages, and setting off on the road to Hadrut Region in the morning, meeting the dawn, drive into the town of Skhtorashen in the Martuni district and see the ancient plane tree of Tnjri, drive to the Hunot gorge of the Askeran region, and then spend the night in tents or local guest houses. You can end the trip in the Kashatagh region.

The trip will also include a trip to Tigranakert (an 18th-century fortress), located 14 km northeast of Stepanakert, as well as the Gandzasar Monastery.

For the trip, do not forget to bring along essential medicines, a supply of water, warm clothes, fully equip the car and charge the phones.

To better navigate in the area, you can download offline maps and applications operating in our region, for instance,, or virtlo.

Off-road tours in Artsakh are a fascinating way to discover the mysterious and exciting places in the country.